Sometime at the end of a long scorching summer, a cool wind tarts blowing in from the east, the sky darkens, and then a welcome shower - you run outdoors and let yourself get drenched in the downpour. The smell of the wet earth as the first drop hit it (there's even a special word for it, and a perfume), the all around sound, pitter patter of rain on tin roofs, trees, on hard ground- on so many surfaces. The cool water feels so good on your skin, as it streams down your neck, your arms, gets in your eyes....

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What is Imagination?

What is imagination? It starts with the basic idea of an image. One meaning of imagination is the conjuring up of pictures in your mind- recollection of something previously seen, as opposed to seeing it in reality. The other meaning we associate with imagination is a more positive artistic quality, like being able to create something by going beyond the usual, the ordinary - "Oh, She's got a good imagination" is a nice compliment, implying she is more creative, more artistic. It almost turns imagination into something tangible, something you can almost see and touch. Almost hems it in. Imagination...

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